Developing the most under-utilized level of care in behavioral health: Short-Term Residential Treatment

Preferred Out-of-Home Treatment Model

Established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) in 2001 and enrolled by most MCOs for the provision of non-hospital inpatient psychiatric treatment, which is clearly the preferred out-of-home behavioral health level of care for the treatment in individuals 21 and under. Treatment focuses on stabilizing and correcting behaviors to reunite with family and community as quickly as possible.

Flexible Programming – Treatment Tracts

  • Intensive acute psychiatric level of care, for longer durations than a psychiatric hospital
  • 24/7 Crisis Stabilization
  • Medical Detox & Addiction Programs
  • Dual Diagnosis Mental Health – Autism and IDD
  • Young Adult Transition Assistance

Broader Access

Acute Behavioral Health’s programs are open to accepting referrals from parents, schools, physicians, mental health providers, ER’s and state agencies, regardless of whether the young person is living at home or remains in the custody of the state.

Diverse Methods of Funding

Broader access to care also ensures that our programs will offer multiple avenues for our clients to access treatment funding. Acute Behavioral Health’s non-hospital inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities are not only enrolled in most commercial insurance and Medicaid plans, but they are also contracted with many state and municipal government agencies.

Host Program for Continuum of Care

Non-hospital inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities provide the psychiatric oversight and means for funding a full continuum of care to meet the unique needs of any community.

National Business Model

  • Operationalize existing Non-hospital inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities to their full acute-level capacities and broaden access to care
  • Convert lower level residential programs to non-hospital inpatient psychiatric treatment facilities wherever needed
  • Develop Acute Behavioral Health’s new facilities with state of the art building design and treatment technologies
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