Our Mission

Behavioral health solutions that focus on preserving a young person’s relationship with their family and community

Too many communities lack adequate access to psychiatric services, preventing young people who need it from being placed in the custody of the state.

The federal government established the short-term residential treatment model for young people as a smaller scale version of a psychiatric hospital so as to improve access to psychiatric services in areas with limited access to care.

Specialized treatment tracts (24/7 Crisis Stabilization, Substance Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, etc.) can be operated as short-term residential treatment facilities in order to meet any community’s unique treatment needs.

Acute Behavioral Health is committed to optimizing the short-term residential treatment level of care in an effort to improve the lives of young people and keep families together.


Mike McCulla and Al Smith have almost 30 years of experience managing and expanding psychiatric hospital systems and were even early developers of the short-term residential treatment level of care when it was established in 2001. Mike and Al bring their decades of combined experiences, their passion for helping families, and their very talented national network of mental health professionals together so as to develop much-needed mental health resources for young people and support communities in the long term.

Mike McCulla – Founder

  • Behavioral health and marketing entrepreneur
  • Healthcare executive 20+ years for public and private corporations
  • Extensive experience in healthcare startups (i.e. new psychiatric hospitals and expansions, new/acquired treatment facilities and various outpatient & in-home mental health services
  • Founder of KidLink national referral network for at-risk youth
  • Industry entry as a clinician
  • Father – 3 children
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Al Smith – Founder

  • Highly Recognized Member/Operator within the National Association of Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Multi-location Behavioral Health COO (30+ years) – psychiatric hospitals, behavioral and educational facilities/programs, outpatient and prevention services
  • Principle in 2 psychiatric companies
  • Industry entry as a psychiatric nurse
  • Father – 5 children
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